Empire Housing & Development Corp.

We foster community revitalization in the City of Syracuse and around New York State.

Empire Housing and Development possesses a proven track record as both a developer and a consultant.

This experience is valuable to other not-for-profits, private developers, builders and communities that have critical needs but do not have either the available staff or the expertise necessary to complete a particular project. Depending on the project, Empire is capable of providing consulting services or addressing specific development needs.

Purchase Rehab

We have secured funding that provides grants to income-eligible homebuyers, assisting them with the purchase and rehabilitation of single family and two family homes.

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Vacant Housing Rehab

We rehabilitate vacant, distressed properties with the intent of selling them to income-eligible buyers.

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New Construction

New in-fill single family homes and subdivisions are designed to be compatible with the architecture of the neighborhood or surrounding areas.

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Empire has partnered with a number of communities throughout New York State to develop affordable housing and revitalize neighborhoods.

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